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Paya Tamin Omid Company provides industrial components and equipment in different industries such as : petrochemical , power plant , metal , mining and water industry , considering work condition and regarding necessary standards of those industrial factories.
We are able to make a high value for our clients by providing equipment from the best companies and focusing on giving appropriate solutions.


Our experts work with customers to identify, deliver and improve opportunities in procurement. At the same time,
We will do the best to make you satisfied for a long term cooperation
Our strong expert team in procurement will help you to achieve your goals.

With a vast range of pump types, material options, performance specifications and brands available, sourcing an industrial pump often requires expert knowledge.


We recognize that quality and dependability is important when it comes to valves and valve automation. As a SUPPLIES , sto cking distributor for several quality brands, we can meet almost any valve requirement be it ball, check, gate, globe, butterfly or needle.

Stock and supply valve spares and repair kits for most valves held in stock and others on request. Our suppliers have the capability to design .


Emerson – Crosby





We offer a wide variety of electric parts and industrial automation & electronic components and controls and services that add value to your business. Serving a wide range of industries, we specialize in electrical and electronic components, automated industrial control, and pneumatic products.

Products are available in different styles, sizes & configurations.

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Electromotor , VFD & Soft Starter

We supply quality , Electro motor , Soft Starter , Variable Frequency Drives from many other quality brands. Our Variable Frequency Drives have a wide range of available controls, protective features and displays and full range of Electro motor , variable frequency drives, soft starters, etc., to meet your motor starting, protection, and variable speed application needs.

Several common applications that require speed control are conveyors, large pumps, boiler fans and many others. In the past variable motor speed was achieved with several inefficient means such as wound rotor motors and variable rotor resistors. The new more efficient and effective way to achieve this variable speed today is with variable frequency drives.


Why PAYA TAMIN Company

Our focus is 100% on solution
We have expertise in all aspects of procurement cost across all geographies.

Procurement Engineering

As Procurement Engineering with the most talented electrical and mechanical engineering expert team beside the commercial team we are able to oversee the purchasing of technical goods and services for an industrial operation. Our Procurement Engineers Teams have very detailed knowledge of the equipment; materials and supplies used in a particular industry, and are able to identify companies that sell them and after evaluating them supply the goods or services from the best one base on the best quality and quantity.
We have a good resume to supply equipment and services for different industries that you can find some of them in following description:

Gearmotor & hydro coupling

We supply you with large selection of different gearmotors with short delivery time with best efficient. Thanks to our reliable suppliers we can guarantee the highest quality and safety. No matter which gearboxes you need – We will find the right items for your individual needs.

What we do

We identify and build the different abilities that the clients need.
Our clients benefit from our experience in a wide array of sectors as well as from our diverse functional capabilities. Our experience in such diverse industries as Petrochemical, Metal, power plant, mining allows us to handle the most profound and urgent challenges of our day.

Our Services

Our strong expert team in procurement will help you to achieve your goals

Experience in appropriate solutions for replacement

With technical knowledge, our experienced engineers custom-design the best retrofit solution for you, based on your requirements.
By only replacing components, which are obsolete, you continue to get the most out of your installation at the lowest possible cost.

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